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Our Work

Dance Alone aims to help artists reach their full potential in all aspects of their music and brand promotion. We pick artists that we really love, who have a genuine passion and unmistakable ambition to be the very best version of themselves. Our main focus is to become a valued team member, assisting the artist in the often long and difficult process of music promotion and show booking.

Shows Gigs Concerts

Gigs and concerts are the life blood of a performing artists but often can be difficult to book if their star is still on the rise. We at Dance Alone Promotions aim to help the artist acquire live shows at bars, venues, and festivals.

Music Promotion

The business side of creativity is often an underestimated and unplanned endeavor, We at Dance Alone Promotions focus on getting the music out there to the relevant platforms, building a portofolio of reviews and articles as well as interviews, blogs, radios shows and opinion pieces. Our goal is to give the music every opportunity to be heard and consumed by the global music loving audience.

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Get to Know Our Artists

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Honey Beard

Dark Synth Pop

Synthwave DJ

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